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Florence New Album Details

Florence reveals plans for album number two

  • 17/05/2010
  • Elizabeth Alker

Florence Welch has told 6 Music News her next album is well underway as she wraps up her UK tour and prepares for a summer of festival action.

Florence and The Machine played the last in a run of home-coming shows at the Hammersmith Apollo in London on Saturday. They will now play a number of festivals, including Glastonbury, before hiding away and writing the follow up to their 2008 album Lungs.

The fiery redhead has pretty much spent the last 18 months on the road and in that time she's seen her fan base increase and she and her band have moved on from playing small clubs and pubs to much bigger venues.

She seemed dazzled with the speed of her rise to fame: "I'm not sure if it will ever sink in, that's the thing.

I'm always quite surprised. You don't ever lose that sense of wonder, and sort of bemusement. It's just nice to connect with people, you know, and to feel like the audience has grown and that more people have come to the music. It's nice."

Touring solidly for months at a time makes it difficult to start work on new material as Florence explained: "We kind of try and do what we can, mess around with sounds. We used the hotel wall as a bass drum once, but that is NOT a good idea for keeping hotel people happy!"

Florence and the Machine do have at least one new song finished and it has been incorporated into the band's live set over the last couple of months. It's called Strangeness and Charm: "I wrote it just before I went to Australia which was about two months ago, she said.

"I gave it to the band and we have been practising it and we thought it would be nice to start playing it for the fans on this tour. This is our last big UK tour before we hit the festivals and then we'll go away for a bit so we thought we'd leave fans with a taster of what's to come."

Strangeness and Charm in name and sound is Florence in a nut shell. As for the rest of the new album, she hinted at what we can expect: "There is a kind of more atmospheric, elemental thing that I'm kind of going for, 'cause the whole first album was really based really deeply on Gothic romance, and things like that, so maybe we'll try and do something that's slightly more…ethereal."

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