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Sonic Youth’s projects

The New York rockers’ 2010 plans include recording their 17th album

  • 09/12/09
  • Zoe Curtis
Sonic Youth at The Forum in Kentish Town 2009

Sonic Youth aren’t a band who shy away from hard work; they’ve already recorded an astounding 16 albums since forming back in 1981 and they’ve told 6 Music News there are plans in the pipeline to release a follow-up to their latest offering, The Eternal.

"We’re probably going back into the studio next year," said the band’s Lee Ranaldo.

However, before they start writing the next album, they’re working on the soundtrack for a French teen film, which Ranaldo is very excited about; "We met the director in Paris and we liked what we saw."

The band is also securing plans for a DVD release, combining footage from their recent 2007/2008 Daydream Nations  tour. It will also include historic archive footage of them playing the record back in 1988.

"We're most probably going back into the studio next year."

Lee Ranaldo

Sonic Youth are still enjoying performing and Ranaldo told us that their current gigs, including the one at ATP in Butlins, Minehead last weekend (05 Dec) see the band playing a lot of fresh songs, as well as a few classics.

"We’re still deeply ensconced in our new record, so we’re gonna play a lot of The Eternal, " he said. "That’s what we’re having the most fun with. We usually try and pick a smattering of stuff from various old records. It could be way old or it could be from the last couple, you never know."

2010 is going to be a very productive time for Sonic Youth, according to Ranaldo.

He added: "We’re doing a big archival house clean right now. We’ve got a massive archive of audio and video that’s sitting in our studio in Hoboken. We’ve got somebody in there who’s noting every single thing down and making a massive database, and then we’re going to start digitising it because some of the tapes are 30 years old now."

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Mark Hume, Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear UK
Looking forward to it... though I want one of Lee's many Jazzmasters!!

Johnny Mendoza Queens, New York
this is the greatest news!looking forward to that new album!and that dude from louisville is completely right

Dave Cromwell New York, New York
Wonderful! I love the idea of some things on 30 year old tapes being released.

Randomsonicyouthfan Gainesville

J W wilmington,DE
wow you all are continuing to enhance my life ...for i was 12 when first turned on,16 when hooked(with the shadow of a doubt video) and now approaching 40 yoa,still mezmorized.thanx!

I hope you all rock forever the alt. tunings will be missed and the planets will be out of alignment, do it till one is no longer one of the world but one of the earth then call it quits and then bring out all that old stuff keep it fresh and charged up till then

mexico city
visit mexico

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