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Brown's ambition

Former Stone Roses legend wants to finish "that" Rihanna track

  • 23/09/2009
  • Adrian Larkin
Ian Brown

Solo artist and former Stone Roses man Ian Brown, in an interview with Steve Lamacq, has joked that he would like to finish the song he originally started writing for R&B singer Rihanna.

Back in July, Brown revealed that two songs which are included on his forthcoming album My Way (out 28 Sept) were originally intended for Kanye West and Rihanna.

Brown was invited to pen lyrics for West by the songwriter Dave McCracken, who co-wrote the singer's hit solo single, F.E.A.R..

But one of the songs Stellify, which was earmarked for Rihanna, Brown admitted he eventually kept for himself - it turned out to be the lead single from the album.

Speaking on 6 Music during Lammo's show, the Manchester singer laughed as he said: "I’d like to write songs for other people, I’d like to finish that Stellify for Rihanna, and I would like to get into that side of it."

He also admitted that he was keen to make another solo album and had ambitions to play in the one country that has eluded him so far:

"I'd like to finish one more record, and also play Brazil, I have done 35 countries, I do Dubai next week, and as far as I know I am only yet to do Brazil so that is another ambition."

John Squire's song

It appears that ex-Stone Roses member John Squire sent Brown one of his own songs in the hope it might make it onto My Way.

Brown admitted he actually liked the track, but his son advised him not to use it: "Kid said, ‘Look dad, was he looking out for you back then? Are you sure you wanna do that?’"

"I'd like to write songs for other people, I'd like to finish that Stellify for Rihanna."

Ian Brown

Brown might not be the biggest fan of Squire, after their rift, but he admitted the guitarist and songwriter still has talent.

"I could have fitted on the first three minutes of the tune, it was pretty good," he said. "He definitely did it with me in mind because it had electronic, hip-hop drums on it and I thought, 'Whoever’s done that must have heard me solo stuff'. He’s still got it, it’s good."

Oasis' dirty linen

During the interview Brown reiterated comments he made earlier in the month on Oasis - claiming that it was probably a good thing that they split.

In August, Noel Gallagher announced they wouldn’t be playing anymore gigs as a band, following a series of rows with his brother and frontman Liam.

Despite Brown being a musician the Gallagher brothers looked up to when they were younger, the former Stone Roses man said: "I think it's always bad when they get their dirty linen out in public.

"They have gone from scrapping in the carpet to scrapping in front of the world now, so I think it will do them good in the long run. How much further could they take it really?"

You can listen back to the interview click here.

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