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Hip hop united

Legends honour New York history
08 October 2008 - Hip hop’s finest turned out last night to celebrate the genre in the city where it was born, with the likes of N*E*R*D, Dizzee Rascal and Nas sharing the stage. 

Grandmaster Flash was first up at Le Capitale wearing a New York Yankees cap, mixing and scratching a mash up of 80’s classics, including his track The Message.

Spank Rock were next before Pharrell Williams, and his N*E*R*D co-hort Chad Hugo, stormed the stage taking the gig to a whole new level.

The Neptunes pair had the whole crowd bumping and grinding, before Pharrell dragged eight girls from the crowd on stage to dance with him to She Wants To Move.

UK hero Dizzee Rascal made a fleeting appearance to rap on Lap Dance with Pharrell, and looked as if he owned the ballroom as he cavorted with the pair.

The funk rock duo were more guitar driven, than you might expect, driving forward with tracks from all three records including the current album Seeing Sounds, for a full 40 minute set.

As a result,  the headline act and self-styled king of New York, Nas, was late on stage. 

Nas' appearance was announced by a full entourage who piled into view to watch the spectacle, as the hometown Brooklyn crowd went wild. He proceeded to launch into Made You Look, Hero and his version of Sweet Dreams. 

The rapper's wife Kelis also popped by to guest vocal on If I Ruled The World, a part that usually belongs to ex-Fugees frontwoman Lauryn Hill.
Nas' appearance was announced by a full entourage who piled into view to watch the spectacle, as a the hometown Brooklyn crowd went wild.

Nas wrapped up his set with a medley of classics from his first album Illmatic, which defined his spot on the New York hip hop scene. 

The rapper took the opportunity to make a political statement about the current presidential battle being fought on the global stage.

Just before his set, Nas, whose never voted, told 6 Music this would not be the case this year: “Today’s thing is different, I’d like Barack Obama to win just so the racists of the world could have heart attacks.

“I think he’s already like the President, I feel like John McCain isn’t competent, he’s too old, and I don’t think he’s even a relevant candidate.”

One man he says he is looking forward to getting back into power though, is Eminem: “I think that’s one of the most exciting things hip hop can look forward to. He contributes so much lyrically and musically, he’s amazing.”

Jo Youle

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