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New Radiohead details

The band tell 6 Music about their plans to finish another new record
11 September 2008 - Radiohead have announced exclusively to 6 Music that they’re in the process of writing a new album.

After losing out to Elbow for the Mercury Music Prize on Tuesday night (9 September) they told us they’d taken time out of playing live to put new tracks down and would be heading to the studio in the near future.

Colin Greenwood said they'd be heading back into the studio when they'd completed their current world tour: “We’ve finished the main bulk of it and we’re off to Japan in a couple of weeks to finish it off.”

And fully enthused about writing new stuff, Ed O'Brien chimed in: “We’re still talking about doing some stuff and we’re really excited about it. First we came off tour to do some writing and we wanted to just carry on doing it because it was so brilliant.”
"We’re still talking about doing some stuff and we’re really excited about it."
Colin Greenwood

The band didn’t join the other acts in performing at the Mercury Music Awards ceremony earlier in the week

However, they agreed that the Mercury was one of the most important accolades in the music business: “We’ve been on tour in America so we’re culturally a bit out of it but you come here and you realise that actually it’s a bit deal. When you hear Guy Garvey go this means everything to us you go, er, yeah, you’re right. It beats the hell out of the Brits and the other ones.”

Colin and Ed were also really happy that Elbow had won it: “We've been on tour with Elbow we've played festivals with them and they're lovely people. They've made a brilliant record with The Seldom Seen Kid. It really couldn't have happened to more deserving people, but most of the shortlist was great this year.”

Elizabeth Alker

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Arzian Korpen, Quito, Ecuador
Jeils O'Ecks you've probably written the most stupid comment ive ever read in my life... give any radiohead album more than one listen and you'll really regret what you wrote down there

Andrew - Windsor Ontario
are you kidding me Jeils O'Ecks? they are one of the few bands to evolve and improve their sound. have you heard Kid A? so what if they dont release the same 90's pop rubbish every year, they experiment and give us a different experience every time

David Y., Houston, Texas - USA
Jeils O'Ecks...wow...everyone is certainly entitled to his own opinion, but yours seems...off...for lack of a better word. Sure, I like Creep and i like High and Dry. Pablo Honey was decent, and The Bends was certainly an excellent album. From a musical standpoint, the jump from The Bends to OK Computer and their later works was huge - it was almost like a different band. Perhaps that's why you don't like their last 5 albums; you don't like Radiohead #2, only the "old" Radiohead. OK Computer was my favorite album of the '90s, and Kid A and Amnesiac were also excellent, IMHO. Certainly Radiohead's not for everyone, and I'm sure there are people who pretend to like bands because they want to look cool or something - that's not me. I genuinely enjoy Radiohead and have since the late '90s. And I'm not a "pseudo-intellectual" student; I am 33 years old. You really shouldn't assume others' motives for liking (or pretending to like) music. Not everyone likes/dislikes the same thing you do.

Max - Portland, OR
They've touched on the world, on misery and paranoia. They've manifested their love and their fear... I only wonder what could possibly be next. This is going to be one of the better releases in the next few years.

mat clarke, edinburgh
Jeils O'Ecks...are you actually crazyi mean seriouslycome on.

LJ Hall UT
I like Creep and High and Dry, I also like all their new stuff, in fact right now In Rainbows is my absolute favorite. The only album that isn't full of genius is Pablo Honey, and like I said I still very much like Creep. I think people who act like they're better for enjoying the earlier or the later music more, are simply trying to be elitist assholes.

Radio Airplay , Greed Town, USA
I can't believe the comments from Jeils O' Ecks about the albums since The Bends. Many Radiohead fans love the brilliant stunning changes and ground breaking new material. I am certainly looking forward to new stuff. Dismissing and insulting the brilliant music after the Bends as a short change is insane. You are an intellectual fraud since the music people like is a matter of opinion and taste and emotional response. Radiohead captures a haunting sound rarely acheived with other bands. Creep? High and Dry? Try listening to Optimistic, Pyramid song, There There, The Tourist, Karma Police, Lucky, Airbag, All I Need, ect..

Hank Hill/Phoenix AZ
in response to Jeils O'Ecks comment, I must ask you if you're smoking crack or utterly off your rocker? You really think creep is a decent song? High and Dry? Dude these are easily their worst songs, hence why the band never plays them live. It is unfortunate that you don't enjoy their music now but to say that "pseudo-intellectual students" "pretend" to like it is just silly and makes you look sound like a fool. Or possibly you're just jealous because Radiohead is so popular while you aren't. Where's your albums sir? What music do you make which gives your opinions any weight? That's what I thought

Bobby W. Raleigh, NC, USA
This is great news. Radiohead is the best, and this makes me happy (been a bit sad because their brilliant tour is ending) knowing that they have another album in the works. I hope they keep making music for another 20 or 30 years! The only thing that could be better would be them announcing a new tour in the future. The only thing better than a Radiohead album is Radiohead live.

apple tree
yeah we've been to america so culturally we're a bit out of it because, ya know, george bush runs that country and so the entire country is lacking. i am a radiohead fan and i saw them in new jersey on this tour. but their tendency to generalise and talk s**t about (an entire country?) is ugly negativity that does nothing for anyone. plus, they wouldn't allow me to bring the cap for my water bottle into the show. i ended up quite thirsty after my water spilled on the hot concrete. one final complaint: thom was about to get political at the show, when he caught himself ("i won't say any more..."). why not? all of the masked politics are annoying. grow up. come out and say what want. they're simply afraid of upsetting their fanbase, much like a politician running for office.

Matthew Marlton/NJ
This makes me happier than Christmas and my birthday combined!

Jeils O'Ecks
Yet another appalling Radiohead record for the press and pseudo-intellectual students - who pretend to like their recent output because it makes them feel "clever" - to get excited about. Since The Bends, Radiohead have done nothing but short-change the music-buying public with utterly appalling records like OK Computer, Amnesiac and now the shocking In Rainbows. Let's hope they choose not to complete this new record and further tarnish their legacy (or what's left of it). How a band could go from writing classic anthems like Creep and High & Dry to the garbage they produce now is baffling. Surely the greatest fall from grace in the history of popular music.

paul fisher appley bridge
Its fantastic to see radio head still loving making records, as so many good band stop once they made the million and married there super model girlfriend. I as many thought were could they go after the sound breaking album ok computor but they have time and time again.Cant wait to hear were they will take the band next keep it up boys

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