The Impact Report 2020

How our teams rose to the 50:50 Challenge

The BBC’s second ‘50:50 Challenge Month’ took place in March 2020. During that month, a global lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic saw the BBC streamline its output. This meant a reduced number of outlets were able to complete the 50:50 Challenge.

Of all the datasets filing for the challenge month of March 2020, 66% achieved the target of 50% women contributors. Only 34% featured 50% women in their first month of monitoring. 

Of the programmes involved in the 50:50 Project for at least two years, 78% reached 50% women contributors, indicating that cultural change is taking hold, and that it is sustainable.

Impact 2020 Report

  • ForewordBBC Director-General Tony Hall sets out the context to the 50:50 Challenge and celebrates the project's success to date

Inside the BBC

Starting with just one team in the newsroom in 2017, now 600 teams across all divisions of BBC output are signed up to the 50:50 Project. They are monitoring gender balance in television, radio, digital, podcasts, and social media content.

  • BBC NewsHow the 50:50 Project has changed our journalism
  • BBC ContentExpanding 50:50 across the BBC's TV genres
  • BBC SportBBC Sport has embraced the 50:50 methodology

Outside the BBC

The 50:50 Project has expanded beyond the BBC through a global network of partner organisations that are implementing the 50:50 methodology.

The number of partners has tripled in the last year to over 60 organisations in 20 countries - and we want to go much further.

Our current network includes partners in public and private media; academia; conference businesses; law; public relations and the corporate world.

Report written, compiled and produced by the 50:50 Project team: Nina Goswami, Lara Joannides, Angela Henshall, Julia Walker, Ros Atkins and Sarah Holmes

BBC Data Journalism: Becky Dale, Alison Benjamin and Robert Cuffe

Report designed by Gurpreet Renoata

Special thanks to:

Bob Shennan, Frances Weil, Dixi Stewart, Charlotte Moore, Fran Unsworth, James Purnell, John Shield, June Sarpong, Miranda Wayland, Peter Archer, Paul Mulligan, Ben Wiseman, Sarah Ward-Lilley, Katie Lloyd, Sarah Lambley, Gavin Allen, Rebecca Bailey, Jonathan Yerushalmy, Emma Purchon, Vivian Schiller, John Walton, Laura Stone, Christine Attwell, Matthew Hunter, Lidia Fanzo, Kim Walsh, Fedele Rinaldi, Astrid Hiles, Simon Pitt, Caz Brett, Lorraine Edwards, Robert Weedon, Robert Howells and the 50:50 Champions.

Here is a pdf version of the Impact 2020 Report in full

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