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Where were you born?
Mike Anthony: Ealing, west London.
Treble T: Tooting Broadway, south London.

Your favourite hobby and/or present as a kid
Mike Anthony: Video games (all consoles!). Scalextrics as a youth.
Treble T: My BMX bike. I didn't think I was ever going to get one so when I did I was over the moon.

How you got into being a DJ/presenter
Mike Anthony: DJing started as a hobby but straight away I realised it could be a good business. I was an MC first and taught myself to mix, within a year I was in the clubs doing my thing. After doing the clubs and building up a following the next natural progression for me was music production or radio. I went straight to the BBC (GLR/ BBC London). The rest is history.
Treble T: I first started on pirate and doing house parties, then it progressed to BBC London and doing clubs which eventually led to us being noticed by 1Xtra.

Your biggest influence(s)
Mike Anthony:My family. My mum was a singer, my dad a musician, my brother a music collector. They have supported me through everything.
Treble T:My family and hip hop music.

Biggest achievements
Mike Anthony: Rampage is the achievement I'm most proud of. From the clubs we've done to becoming the largest static sound system at the Notting Hill Carnival and the numerous artists we've brought to the UK. Snoop, Dre, Beenie Man etc. More recently… launching 1Xtra. BIG!
Treble T:Co-producing Melody with Masterstepz. Playing to 10,000 people at Notting Hill Carnival and gigging around the world.

What's your dream gig or collaboration?
Mike Anthony: I'd like to get a meeting together with Bob Marley, Malcolm X, Muhammed Ali and Nelson Mandela - music, religion, sport and politics. Legends!
Treble T: My dream gig is anywhere in the sun. Dream collaboration has to be Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye.

Three rules you live your life by
Mike Anthony:
1. Smile and be happy always.
2. Talk straight.
3. Always look after your mum/dad.

Treble T:
1. Know what you're doing.
2. Know what you're saying.
3. Know how you're moving.

If you weren't a DJ / Presenter, what would you be?
Mike Anthony: A chef. I love food and creativity. Even now I think I'd like to learn on the sly. The main dishes I'd like to take on are from my native home Guyana and Grenada.
Treble T: Record producer, computer whizz or hustler.

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