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What happened in 1965

  • Martin Luther King is arrested on a Civil Rights protest in Selma, Alabama. Then after protests are banned, Martin Luther King leads 25,000 civil rights protesters in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Malcolm X is shot dead at a party meeting in Harlem on 21st February. Three black Muslims were convicted of the murder. The Autobiography of Malcolm X, based on interviews he'd done with Alex Haley, was published.
  • The Watts riots in South Central Los Angeles began on August 11th. Lasting six days, 34 died, over 1000 were injured, 4000 arrested and an estimated $100 million worth of damage was done. The catalyst was a white policeman (Lee Minikus) pulling over a black man (Marquette Frye) who'd been reported as driving erratically. However the inquiry into the riots revealed that poverty - housing problems, bad schools, unemployment were the chief players in the tragedy.
  • White Nationalist party wins Rhodesian elections. Later in the month a state of emergency is declared.
  • BBC1 TV: The Wednesday Play, Fable, was a controversial drama by John Hopkins in which apartheid is reversed so that white people find themselves oppressed second-class citizens, with black people in control. With Thomas Baptiste, Barbara Assoon, Bari Jonson, Rudolph Walker (Trinidad), Dan Jackson, Carmen Munroe (Guyana), Trevor Rhone (Jamaica), Frank Singuineau and Charles Hyatt.
  • Notting Hill Carnival. Originally held in several halls, it was a showcase for Caribbean talent considering the slogan, 'A people's art is the genesis of their freedom'. During the 60s it got closer to the Trinidadian carnival roots with street processions, costumes and Masqueraders. The Jamaican sound systems joined in and the carnival as we know it today took shape."Notting Hill Carnival took off in 1965, but we cannot forget the effect that the murder of Kelso Cochrane had on the whole community of Notting HillÖafter the race riots in 1958/1959. These events brought a cohesion and understanding amongst the Afro-Caribbeans which was lacking before and eventually brought them all together in the celebration of Carnival.Claudia Jones did much to promote it in the early stages as did Amy Ashwood Garvey, wife of Marcus Garvey." Pearl Connor-Mogotsi.
  • Cy Grant (who sang a calypso version of the news on the BBC) plays Othello at Phoenix Theatre in Leicester.
  • The American Ebony magazine celebrates it's 20th anniversary at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City and is attended by leading celebrities of the day. John H. Johnson (1918-2005) founded the magazine as well as a publishing empire and the cosmetics firm Fashion Flair. Ebony not only drew attention to black issues, histories and artists but also provided outlets for journalists and photographers who were previously overlooked. He was one of the biggest supporters of Dr. Martin Luther King.

In the music

  • The Temptations' My Girl hits no.1 in the US. As with Mary Wells' My Guy it was written by Smokey Robinson (with Ronald White for My Girl)
  • The Supremes appear on the cover of Time magazine in an article about music of the day.
  • Terry Callier records The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier after meeting Prestige label producer Samuel Charters. However the album went unreleased til 1968, and was paid little attention.
  • The real raw sound of the south was epitomised by soul man Wilson Pickett. This was a lot to do with him collaborating with the infamous Muscle Shoals rhythm section in Alabama and working at the Stax studio in Memphis. Hits such as Mustang Sally and Land of 1000 Dances followed, with In The Midnight Hour making it to no.12 in the UK charts.

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