This website follows Bryony as she attempts to make the world’s first UGC zombie movie.

What’s a UGC movie?

UGC stands for User Generated Content. That means it’s a film that’s made entirely by contributions from the online community.


Yes. Everything from actors to special effects; script to shooting will be handled by Bryony’s online friends. It’s all about harnessing people’s creative talents and showing what they can do.

Why Zombies?

It just happens to be a zombie film because Bryony thinks Zombies are cool.

When’s she doing this?

Right now. Bryony has to finish the film by Halloween 2008, as that’s when she’s having a massive zombie themed launch party and premiere for the film (more details about this as they become available,)

This sounds like fun - I want to get involved.

If you think you’d like to act in the film, or contribute script ideas, music, special effects, behind the camera skills (in short: whatever) then you can contact Bryony via the comments on this site, her Youtube channel or at

So what’s the BBC’s involvement?

The Zombie movie is entirely up to Bryony – we’re just following her as she makes it.

Every week until Halloween, we’ll post two webisodes that show how she’s getting on. These will go live at 3:33pm every Tuesday and Friday on this site. They will also be viewable a bit later on Youtube and at the internetzombie website.

Once the film is finished, there will also be a half hour documentary about it on BBC3.

Get Involved

Get Involved

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