The Barchester Chronicles

Adapting Classic Texts

I tell lies on paper. Lisa Holdsworth

Find out more about the challenges of adapting much-loved classics into radio dramas.

Starting with the classic serial The Warden on Sunday 26th January (listen on BBC iPlayer), followed by Barchester Towers the following week, Radio 4 will be broadcasting the complete series of Anthony Trollope’s much-loved Barchester Chronicles during 2014.

Set within the fictional cathedral town of Barchester and the surrounding county of Barsetshire, the dramas focus on the lives, loves and tribulations of the local clergy and rural gentry.

These classic novels have been dramatised by Michael Symmons Roberts and Nick Warburton, who have created dramas which are a real Sunday destination listening – the kind which make you want to sink into a squashy chair and get lost in. If you are interested in the process of adapting classic texts for radio then check out our exclusive interview clips with the writers and look out for some of the Barchester scripts which will be posted on the Writersroom Script Library after broadcast.

Charlotte Riches (Producer of 'The Warden')


Michael Symmons Roberts

Michael Symmons Roberts

On choosing the narrator for 'The Warden'

Nick Warburton

Nick Warburton

On the challenges of adapting existing works for radio

The Barchester Chronicles

The Barchester Chronicles

On BBC Radio 4


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Listen back to the Afternoon Drama on Radio 4

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