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  • Script Editing podcast

    The Art of Script Editing

    BBC Academy Podcast

    Why a good Script Editor is vital to any production, and what exactly they do.

  • Writing for Radio Comedy

    Writing for Radio Comedy

    BBC Comedy

    A new iBook filled with hints, tips, advice, guides, scripts, clips and insider knowledge on writing for Radio Comedy.

  • Doctor Who

    Doctor Who

    Steven Moffat interview

    Writersroom interviews Doctor Who and Sherlock writer, Steven Moffat.

  • Abi Morgan

    Writersroom interviews ...

    Abi Morgan

    The Emmy-Award winning writer of TV and Films including The Hour, The Iron Lady, Sex Traffic, White Girl, Royal Wedding and Suffragette.

I write because I have secrets no one else knows Tony Grounds

Explore interviews with established television, radio and theatre writers.

Steven Moffat, Peter Bowker, Toby Whithouse, Lucy Gannon and many more writers share their advice on crafting a great script.

Browse the videos in this section and find out what inspires Britain's top TV, radio and theatre writers.  Get advice on overcoming writer's block, making your characters tick and structuring your scripts.

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