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BBC writersroom's job is to find, and develop a relationship with talented writers.

´╗┐Our success is gauged not only by writers going on to be commissioned and produced, but also by the strength of our continuing relationship with them. Here are a handful of the writers who we have develped in the past and with whom we continue to have a strong relationship.

Jack Thorne

Jack Thorne first came to the BBC through our Sparks radio scheme and has written award-winning work for BBC Radio. He was introduced to BBC Drama, eventually leading to his original series The Fades on BBC THREE. He was also on the writer committee for our TV Drama Writer'S Festival.

Find out more about Jack's work here.

Sarah Phelps

Sarah Phelps came on our first Sparks radio drama scheme in 1999 and went on to write Afternoon, Friday and Woman's Hour plays for Radio 4, then 42 episodes of Westway on the World Service. Sarah also came on a CBBC Comedy Drama scheme and had an original idea commissioned. She then became a core writer for EastEnders.

Find out more about Sarah's work here.

Alice Nutter

Alice Nutter - previously singer in the band Chumbawamba - was first developed through our partnership with West Yorkshire Playhouse. She wrote for BBC Radio, has since written on numerous TV dramas for the BBC and was on the writer committee for our TV Drama Writer's Festival.

Find out more about Alices's work here.

Brian Dooley

Brian Dooley sent in his sitcom The Smoking Room, which ran for two series on BBC THREE and won Brian a BAFTA. He also came on our Comedy-Drama scheme for established writers and has since written for Being Human.

Find out more about Brian's work here.

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