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Writersroom has always worked in partnership across the industry - with theatres, screen agencies, writer networks, universities/colleges, and any creative organisation that supports scriptwriters.

The Writersroom 10 was a group of emerging theatre writers. We asked theatres with some kind of new writing profile to nominate a writer and we selected 10 writers to form a cohort who receive a bursary, mentoring, workshops, masterclasses, and a showcase of original new plays at the Live Theatre, Newcastle.

The 50 was our partnership with the Royal Court Theatre to celebrate it's 50th anniversary. We invited 50 theatres to nominate 50 writers who would each receive a bursary, a BBC mentor, workshops/masterclasses, and opportunities to pitch for radio and TV commissions.

Northern Exposure was a wide-ranging investment in new write development at theatres across the north - in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle. From this partrnership, numerous writers made their first contact and have developed a lasting relationship with the BBC - for example Mark Catley, Alice Nutter and Tom Bidwell at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

B3 Media produced our slate of 'Cineast' short films with emerging East Asian talent, following a grassroots development programme.

Northern Film and Media, North West Vision and Screen Yorkshire have been involved in various 'Northern voices' and 'Northern Laughs' projects, which have developed numerous talented writers write their first drama and comedy calling card scripts for TV.

We have run numerous sessions, events and projects with writer networks and organisations including New Writing North, Spread the Word, Ideastap, and with universities and colleges, including the Future Talent Award with Connect & Create partners.

We also work with independent production companies from time to time to help bring writers to BBC shows being independently produced, such as with Rollem Production to commission writers for series two of The Chase on BBC ONE, or with Kudos to offer shadowing of the writing process on M.I.High.






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