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Continuing Drama Series is the department that produces EastEnders, Casualty, Holby City and Doctors. The BBC produces a huge volume of Continuing Drama – nearly 400 hours per year made up of four episodes of EastEnders per week, 52 episodes of Holby per year, 48 of Casualty, and 236 of Doctors.

A central system has been established for writer recruitment across all four shows.

They will only accept scripts that have been submitted via agents. They cannot accept unsolicited scripts not sent by an agent – they will be forwarded to the BBC Writersroom.

BBC Continuing Drama works closely with BBC Writersroom who read all unsolicited scripts sent to the BBC and recommend promising writers.


Agents can submit scripts by email or post to:

Rachelle Constant, Development Editor, New Talent:

All scripts submitted are read with a view to recommending them on to one or more of the shows for further development. The team ensures that all the shows are talking to each other about writers, and that names of interest are passed around.

Shadow schemes

There is one writers Shadow Scheme for each show – EastEnders, Doctors, Casualty and Holby City - over the course of the year.

The Shadow Schemes are a way to mirror the show’s writing process by producing an episode from which the writer will be assessed for a commission. Writers learn the necessary skills on how to write for the shows. The training includes writers’ workshops, lectures and exercises on storytelling and the show format. Lead writers from the shows are invited to talk about their experience of writing for the show and pass on any useful and valuable tips. The writers also have a formal induction on the show, including a set tour, and then they’re taken through the script development process.

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