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Creating Your Message

To record your voice message you will need a computer with a microphone.

To record or transfer your audio you will need to use audio editing software installed on your PC.

Most operating systems come with an audio editing package. If you don't have one - there are many good sound editing packages available, often for free.

The list below is not exhaustive, but are popular amongst BBC users or in the market place?

  • SoundForge's Audacity, this can be downloaded for free from the Audacity website. This is the package used in this BBC audio editing video tutorial.
  • Adobe Audition (previously known as Cool Edit Pro) this is not free but a trial version is available from the Adobe Audition site.
  • ProTools. A package used by sound industry professionals - probably not the best one for starters. A limited version is available to download from the Digidesign website.

(always read the set-up and help guides for new software)
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Saving and storing

  • Always save a copy of your work to your computer's hard drive, on a back up CD or on a USB Memory stick.
  • Remember to save your files in mono
  • Save your work as an MP3 file and give it a distinctive and recognisable name.

Send In Your File

  • Go to this page (make this uploader link or put inline link under this bullet point) to upload your message
  • Enter your name, email address
  • In the About field - enter some information about your message, e.g.
  • To upload your audio click on browse and locate and select your file that your have saved locally on your PC.
  • Once you have completed all the fields press Send!
  • Easy hey! You will received confirmation that your file has been successfully sent to the BBC
  • Keep checking back to see/hear your message on radio or online.

Top Tips

  • We will only accept files of up to 5MB in size. If you try to send a bigger file you will receive an error message!
  • To avoid the disappointment of not getting your submission through moderation, probably best to steer clear of libellous accusations and religious incitement. Remember no swearing, no music, nothing offensive or we won't use your message.


We want to know what you think!

Please email us with your thoughts, ideas on how to improve the upload process or when things are not working properly.

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