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To celebrate 70 years of international broadcasting with the BBC, we broadcast three hours of live music from around the world!
Party line up
  London - Yousso N'Dour   London - Yousso N'Dor
  Mumbai, Indai - Trilok Gurtu   Mumbai, Indai - Trilok Gurtu
  Kabul, Afghanistan..Variety   Kabul, Afghanistan..Variety
  Mexico City, Mexico.. Los De Abajo   Mexico City, Mexico.. Los De Abajo
  Dakar, Senegal..Baaba Mal   Dakar, Senegal..Baaba Mal
  Mumbai...Adnan Sami   Mumbai...Adnan Sami
  London..Ms Dynamite London..Ms Dynamite
John Peel & Emma B
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venues & artists
Venues & Artists
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