Annual Review 2007/08

Annual Review 2007/08

 BBC Arabic TV presenters Osman Mohamed and Fida Bassil at the Newshour desk. Ken Passley

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has a weekly global audience estimate of 182 million and is now available in 154 capital cities on FM, as well as via satellite, cable, podcasts, mobiles and online - in addition to short and medium wave.

Our aims

To be the world's best-known and most-respected voice in international news, thereby bringing benefit to the UK, the BBC and to audiences around the world.

To provide the most trusted, relevant and high-quality international news in the world and an indispensable service of independent analysis and explanation, with an international perspective that promotes greater understanding of complex issues.

To connect and engage audiences by facilitating an informed and intelligent dialogue – a global conversation – which transcends international borders and cultural divides, and to give audiences opportunities to create, publish and share their own views and stories.

To enable people, by so doing, to make sense of their increasingly complex world and, thus empowered, lead more fulfilling lives.