Last updated: 7 june, 2010 - 10:32 GMT

Why do World Cup Team Talk?

Football is one of the truly global languages. Wherever you go, football fans love to talk about their teams and the great international players.

Some of our main language services are joining together to host a click conversation around the opening and closing matches of the World Cup.

This event will use automatic machine translation. Comments posted in one language will appear in the other 10.

This follows on from our click Superpower Nation Day experiment, which bought people from all over the world together to find out if machine translation could break down language barriers. This time, we have added the ability to see replies to your messages - and to see which messages the team thinks are the best.

About the event

Our emphasis is not on the strength of the translation, but on bringing football fans together around the globe to talk regardless of their first language.

Our aim is to enable people to see, hear and read what football fans from different parts of the world are discussing, and to be able to observe those different conversations.

What we do have though are house rules on not causing offence.

The automatic machine translation we are using is click Google Translate.

There are other online translation sites available online. Some of the most popular are:

You can find out more about these other translation tools by following the link.

Thanks for taking part.

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