Last updated: 5 february, 2010 - 19:30 GMT

Is Italy dealing with football racism?

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It is an unfortunate fact that black players still suffer racist abuse in some European countries.

Inter Milan forward Mario Balotelli

Balotelli is no stranger to abuse from fellow Italians

In Italy, despite the Football Federation's attempts to institute a zero-tolerance policy, World Football has discovered that only three clubs in Italy's top divisions have active anti-racism campaigns.

More reports about racist abuse of black players hit the news recently, when a team in one of Italy's lower leagues walked off the pitch after one of their Italian players, of Nigerian origin, was abused by spectators.

Nuova Casteltodino football team took action as it was the fourth time this season that Emeka and his brother had suffered insults at the hands of players, fans and in one case the referee.

It follows high profile incidents of racist chanting aimed at Inter Milan's striker Mario Balotelli, the 19-year-old striker who was born in Italy of Ghananian parents and raised by his white adopted family in southern Italy.

The incident at Nuova Casteltodino, although not in Serie A, caused a stir in Italy's national press and TV.

For World Football, the BBC's Emma Wallis has been exploring whether the authorities are really doing enough to stamp out racism in the Italian game.

First broadcast on February 6 2010.

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