Discovery 2008



Discovery is the World Service's science feature series, reporting on the latest developments and ideas.

Each week the programme provides in-depth coverage of a new topic, reporting from top laboratories, remote locations, even outer space. It examines big ideas ranging from the secrets of life to the frontiers of cosmology. Thought-provoking and topical, it probes the science behind the news and investigates how the latest research will affect our world and our lives.

Discovery opens up the research labs and explains what's going on there in clear, simple language; at the same time sharing the excitement of new breakthroughs. It also questions the applications of those discoveries and the ethics of their use.

One reviewer described Discovery as "The best science programme on radio - any radio."

Science shapes our health, wealth and environment and has become central to our culture. Discovery takes listeners to the leading edge of knowledge and shares the latest insights.
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