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Freedom and religion

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Freedom and religion


Reporting Religion - 21st century heretics


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In the old days, heretics would have been burnt at the stake or excommunicated from their community and forced to fend for themselves.

But in the 21st century, heretics are an altogether different proposition. Many of them are able to start a different, powerful offshoot of their faith.

In this 'Reporting Religion' special, Dan Damon will be hosting a discussion between heretics of different faiths to find out how speaking out has affected their place in, and attitudes towards, their faith.

Heart and Soul


Listen to part one of this 'Free to Speak' edition of 'Heart and Soul'

Listen to part two of this 'Free to Speak' edition of 'Heart and Soul'

These special edition of 'Heart and Soul' shows how religious followers are using the freedom of the virtual world to express their beliefs and practices.

It is now possible to go on pilgrimage and pray without leaving home.

Minority faiths living in small communities around the world are no longer hampered by geography and can enjoy the security and comfort of a worldwide network of followers.

But as Tim Jackson discovers, the internet and the expansion of media outlets has also meant that extreme religious groups are able to reach a wider audience - from rightwing Christians fermenting hatred of other faiths, to the emergence of electronic jihad among extreme Muslim groups.

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