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Me and the Media


Have you ever been the subject of media attention? Or have you ever wondered how it would feel to have press photographers camped at your door?

For 'Me and the Media', we are focussing on ten individuals who - for a variety of reasons - have had to deal with press attention.

Some found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Carolina Xerindza gave birth to her daughter while sheltering in a tree in Mozambique in 2000 while Herman Bontrager fielded questions from the press following the shooting at the Amish settlement of Paradise in 2006.

Some used the media to achieve their own goals. Vassos Vassiliou secured treatment for his leukemia-stricken son in 2000 while Dean Peng called a press conference in China to draw attention to the plight of imprisonned blogger Liu Di in 2003.

In each case we are asking similar questions - how did the individual feel that the media behaved at the time?

Do they think that the media needs to be curbed in any way? Or do their experiences leave them passionate defenders of a free press?

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