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Making News

Al Jazeera newsroom, John Simpson

Making News


For the 'Free to Speak' season, Allan Little presents this two-part series on reporting, editorial dilemmas and the future of news-making.

Part One - What makes news?


Listen to part one of Making News

Centred around a day in the life of three news networks, this programme compares the responses of BBC World, Al Jazeera Arabic and CNN International to the same day's events.

How does the news media operate? How does it deal with geographically diverse regions?

Meet the news editors of each organisation and understand what their editorial philosophy is when it comes to deciding what makes reporting work?

Also in the mix, viewpoints from critics - John Pilger and Lord Douglas Hurd
- who see TV's soundbite culture as having a negative effect on the news agenda.

Part Two - The future of news


Listen to part two of Making News

In this programme, we ask what are the challenges of objectivity in news, in a 'multi-polar world' of political agendas?

Given new formats for news such as a fondness for the soap box, or the merging of news with other formats of television, what are the potential conflicts between the demands of entertainment and the need for reliable information in a democratic world?

Should, for instance, terrorism be a bigger story than malaria?

What is the future of news when the internet may undermine the old-fashioned paternalistic precepts of monolithic news platforms?

And is it inevitable that the public appetite for sensation will overwhelm more cautious and proportionate coverage?
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