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Mother Teresa, girl from Bhutan on TV, a world map

World Stories


BBC World Service journalists come from every corner of the world. Balanced news reporting is their job - covering the news minute-by-minute is what drives them most of them time.

There are some stories that are important, but are more difficult to tell, stories that mean taking a couple of steps back, giving a different perspective. Often there's a bigger message about life on our planet: emotive, human stories that humble us.

What is life like farming in the Amazon rainforest? If your baby daughter gets ill and your crops begin to fail what do you do? What can you do?

If you're (the only) black half-Nigerian in Dnieprodzerzhynsk in the Ukraine, how do you find your father if he left home and went back to Nigeria 25 years ago?

These world stories offer extraordinary insight across cultures. Uniquely, they tap into the extraordinary diversity of World Service journalism. Real people, their lives connecting across the globe in a network of voices that give an alternative vision of humanity.

These are the stories our journalists have always wanted to tell.

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