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Central America: Legacies of Rebellion
Costa Rica
Nicaraguan playwrite,  Cesar Melendez. Eco-volunteers readying for work at the Tenorio National Park in northern Costa Rica. Nobel Peace prize winner, Oscar Arias.

Costa Rica


In programme four, on the last part of his journey, Mike takes us to Costa Rica, the country in which he used to take time out from coffee picking during the Nicaraguan conflict in the 1980s.

In those days, it was a haven of peace in a dangerous region beset by war. But what fate has the intervening period dealt Costa Rica? And what does its present situation say about the future of Central America as a whole in the post-war era?

The programme includes an interview with Oscar Arias, former president of Costa Rica and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for his involvement in brokering a regional peace settlement.


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