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Central America: Legacies of Rebellion
Central America: Legacies of Rebellion
Central America and statue of General Sandino in Managua, Nicaragua

Central America: Legacies of Rebellion


It’s 25 years since Nicaragua’s Sandinista revolution catapulted Central America into the headlines. It drew fierce opposition from Washington; but adoration from tens of thousands of sympathisers across the globe. So what has become of the revolutionary zeal that set the region on fire?

In a four-part series, we travel back to the region synonymous with civil war and political strife of the 1980s with Mike Lanchin, a former BBC correspondent who lived in the region for 15 years.

Like many other Europeans and North Americans of his generation he was first drawn to Central America by the spirit and idealism of the young revolutionaries in Nicaragua and El Salvador.

With Mike as our guide, we go on a journey back to meet the key actors and the ordinary players from those heady days.
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