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Young in the Arab World
Rabat - Hamid with his well at Touled Sbita village, his wife Nima, Central rabat fountain, Mounira chatting with some unemployed men

Rabat, Morocco


With Morocco's tantalising proximity to Europe, many young Moroccans leave the country to find work overseas. But some, like Lamia Hejaj, are returning in the hope of reversing the flow.

Morocco is a country attempting to modernise its human rights, especially for women - who have lagged far behind - while not alienating its conservative Muslims.

Hind Belouadi is a divorcee at 23, exploited and cruelly treated by her husband's parents. She hopes to benefit from the new family laws which should grant her an accommodation allowance from her ex-husband.

But the problem in Morocco is that with 85% illiteracy among its rural women, many of them - like Naima El Jeyed, who doesn’t even know her exact age - will never know what their rights are.

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