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Young in the Arab World
Bahrain - Fatma, Coffee Shop, Mounira in the streets of Bahrain working on the series

Manama, Bahrain


Most people have heard more about Bahrain's rich neighbour, Saudi Arabia, where alcohol is forbidden and women are veiled.

A tiny island state in the gulf, Bahrain has a buzzing club scene and alcohol is allowed. It is also a rising centre of business and finance.

In the third of this series, Mounira Chaieb talks to young people in Bahrain's capital Manama about how free they are, and what future they see for themselves.

She meets a girl who is completely veiled but works in an all female hairdressers, and a young woman who thinks the internet is the best way to find a husband. She also finds out how Bahrain's Shias feel about the fact that - as was the case in Iraq - they are in the majority but are ruled by a small Sunni elite.

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