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  The BBCs journalism: Nigel Chapman
  Reporting on business: Peter Day
  Product placement in F1: Jonathan Legard
  Audience trust in Afghanistan: Zahir Tanin
  Alistair Cookes view: Nick Clarke
  Drama in Africa: Fiona Ledger
  Arts in the UK: Nick Rankin
  Referral procedures
  The law and legal risks


"The official financial regulators now watch journalists closely, and the BBC requires its journalists to register their investment interests."
Peter Day, business correspondent reporting for Global Business.

Inside BBC Journalism: Independence examines how BBC journalists strive to make programmes independently of commercial, political and other interests.

Our audiences trust us. We should aim to maintain that.

In a series of reports, journalists at the BBC discuss the craft of reporting on business, sports, arts and entertainment whilst applying the Editorial Guidelines our handbook to good journalism.

BBC programmes must never give the impression that they are "plugging" a product, service or company.

Audiences should be confident that decisions are made for good editorial reasons, not as a result of improper pressure, be it political, commercial or special interest.

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