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In addition to the studio presenters, BBC Persian television has Persian-speaking correspondents in key locations: Beirut, Jerusalem, Washington, Kabul, Islamabad, Istanbul and Dushanbe, and draws on the BBC's extensive newsgathering capabilities across the world, including its own English correspondent in Tehran

Najieh Ghulami
Najieh Ghulami was born in Afghanistan to a Herati mother and a Kabuli father. She was three years old when her family moved to Iran in the wake of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Najieh began her broadcasting career in 2001 as a reporter for the BBC Persian service in Mashhad: the capital of Khorasan province in northeast Iran. She was the first Persian-speaking journalist to be accredited by the Iranian government to work for the BBC in Iran.

Jamaluddin Mosavi
Jamaluddin Mosavi started working for the BBC in 2001 when he joined the BBC's Central Asia magazine in Iran and Afghanistan. Before joining the BBC, he was the editor of a weekly publication for Afghan refugees living in Mashhad, the capital of Iran's Khorasan province where he also managed a UNHCR project to train young Afghan journalists. Jamaluddin is a native of Bamyan province, in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan.

Sima Alinejad
Sima Alinejad began her journalism career in 1990 when she started contributing stories to several Iranian magazines, including the renowned monthly Iran Transportation. In 1993 she joined BBC Persian radio as a correspondent and presenter. She has worked as editor of news and documentary programming for BBC Persian radio. She was responsible for the launch of the website,, and went on to work as the site's editor.

In 2002 Sima went to Kabul for the BBC to train Afghan journalists. She returned to Afghanistan twice more: in 2004 as Regional Information Coordinator for UNHCR; and, in 2005 as Country Director for the BBC World Service Trust's (BBC WST) Afghan Education Project. Before joining BBC Persian TV, Sima was the Country Director for the BBC WST Iran Education Programme.

Farnaz Ghazizadeh
Farnaz Ghazizadeh has worked for some of Iran's most respected newspapers, including Neshat, Yas-e Nou and the weekly Zan (Woman). She began her broadcast career in 2000 as the presenter of a daily science programme for Iranian television. In December 2003 Farnaz emigrated to Holland with her family, where she joined several other Iranian journalists to start the news website Roozonline. She joined BBC Persian in 2005 as a radio correspondent. She has produced and presented news and feature programmes, most notably Your Voice and Seventh Day.

Nader Soltanpour
Nader Soltanpour began his journalism career in 1997 as a producer and presenter of a weekly radio programme called Persian Voice for the Iranian community in Toronto, Canada. In 2000 Nader turned Persian Voice into Canada's first nightly radio programme in the Persian language. In 2005 Nader joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a writer and producer for The World Report, Canada's most-listened-to morning news programme. Nader joined BBC Persian TV as a presenter in 2008.
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