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Producers' Guidelines

The BBC's Producers' Guidelines

"Audiences rightly expect the highest editorial and ethical standards from the BBC. The BBC's Producers' Guidelines are a public statement of those values and standards and how we expect our programme-makers to achieve them.

They detail the BBC's approach to the most difficult editorial issues and provide guidance which programme makers at all levels need to be aware of and follow."
Greg Dyke, Director General of the BBC.

Inside BBC Journalism features over 40 reports by journalists who reflect on the many challenges they face when aiming to apply the BBC's Producer's Guidelines to reporting and programme making.

In each of the five sections of this website – Impartiality, Accuracy and truth, Fairness and privacy, Respect, and Independence - BBC journalists explore the art of reporting.

They use concrete examples and real-life situations to explain the difficulties they have encountered; in some cases they offer solutions.

The aim of the Producers' Guidelines is to equip journalists and programme-makers to take risks but within the parameters that protect the BBC's global reputation.

The Producer's Guidelines apply to all BBC broadcasting, both in Britain and internationally - whatever the medium, be it television, radio or online.

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