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Everywhere a Stranger
Stranger at home
Myroslav Kuyaldin, Ukrainian television presenter and musician

Stranger at home


Myroslav Kuvaldin is a very popular television presenter and a musician in Kiev, Ukraine.

As one of the very few black Ukrainians, he can never really blend into the country of his birth but in his media career, this distinctiveness has proved an asset.

The price he pays is to constantly feel regarded as a stranger in his own land.

For many years he has kept a short note left by his Nigerian father who returned to Africa on the completion of his studies.

His mother and grandmother have given him some accounts of his father but details remain sketchy.

He knows the difficulties and embarrassments they faced bringing him up, the only black child in a uniformly white society.

His reflections on growning up in Kiev - as well as his failures, frustrations and successes unravel as he journeys to Africa in search of his father.

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