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Modern life of a Muslim

Modern life of a Muslim


In Praise Of God explores the life of Muslims in Mombasa, Kenya - where tradition and modernity find ways to co-exist.

Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya, and one which is largely Muslim. It's also a home to a very traditional Islamic society - but as BBC's Alison Hilliard discovers, people there are finding new, constructive ways of making their faith work for the 21st century.

Alison's guide is Professor Muhammad Hyder, founder of Kenya's leading Muslim think tanks, the Muslim Civic Education Trust.

With him she visits Mandhry mosque, one of the oldest and most beautiful in the city.

Professor Hyder also takes us to a workshop where young Muslims learn traditional crafts - such as woodcarving and joinery - skills which bring them closer to their Islamic heritage as well as helping them earn a living.

And at Mombasa's madrassas, we are introduced to traditional Islamic choral singing, or Quaisada.

Professor Hyder explains how a spate of bomb attacks in East Africa - ascribed to Muslim extremists - have encouraged him to think even harder about how to make the spirit of Islam relevant to a new generation of Muslims today.

In Praise Of God is a weekly programme reflecting the devotional and experiential side of faith, from Christian worship to reflections from the Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and other religious traditions.

It offers an opportunity to join believers as they express their faith in words and music, and sometimes through ritual, dance, or pilgrimages.
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