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Education in Africa
The key to future of Africa is its Education system

Young African voices


As part of the BBC World Service Trust project 2015 - Where Will We Be?, BBC producers travelled to Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Uganda to look at the challenges and successes of meeting the Millennium Development Goals in Africa.

They spoke with young people to hear about their hopes for the future. They discuss the obstacles they are overcoming to access education and how they are meeting their dreams.

African education


The oldest institute of higher learning on the continent of Africa was al-Azhar University, founded over a thousand years ago and dedicated to a broad range of Muslim studies.

In Timbuktu there was a flourishing university in the 16th century. The hunger for knowledge was great all over the continent. Of all the things that Europeans had to offer, education had been the most prized in Africa.

Everywhere in Africa, education is a key to change and self-improvement.
At the present rate, Africa will miss key targets for reducing poverty by more than 100 years. Universal primary education for all would not be provided until the year 2130.

According to the Global Campaign for Education, the world's richest countries are failing to provide the funds needed for education in the developing world.

One of the Millenium Development Goals is universal primary education. One Planet explores the prinmary education in Tanzania.

Tanzania has aimed to provide just that since independence 40 years ago. But how much has it benefitted the country in development terms? And what quality of education is being provided?

What use is primary education when so few go on to secondary school? How relevant is the curriculum to the needs of Tanzania in the 21st century?

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