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Discussion: State of science in Africa


Science In Action's Andrew Luck-Baker talks to Kenyan scientists about the role science and technology can play in Africa's development, as the G8 leaders conclude their decisions over new levels of financial assistance and debt relief for African countries.

Judi Wakhungu of the African Centre for Technology Studies and Shem Wandiga, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Nairobi are both leading figures in Kenyan science. They discuss the funding problems faced by most African researchers and the opportunities for science on the continent in the future.

The programme also visits malaria researchers Tabitha Mwangi and Sam Kinyangui at the Kenya Medical Research Institute in Kilifi on the Kenyan Coast, as they go about their work. They also have their views on the frustrations (and joys) of being African scientists and about the role of international funding of their work.

Climate researchers Professor Eric Odada and Dr Daniel Olago take Andrew to a swamp just north of Nairobi where they do some of their historical climate change studies. As for climate change, the effects of global warming are already being felt in Africa they say.

Temperatures are rising, rainfall patterns trending towards increased dryness and the glaciers on tropical Africa's mountain tops are disappearing. Climate change in Africa is a priority research area they argue so the continent and its people can adapt to challenges ahead.

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