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Adventures in Tourism
Adventures in Tourism

Adventures in Tourism


Tourism is now the world's largest industry, with more people than ever travelling the globe. Often tourism brings jobs and economic benefit to the host nations - but it can also create problems which need careful management.

Adventures In The Tourist Trade reporter Susan Marling examines some of these tricky questions that tourism poses.

On the Greek island of Rhodes she looks at a resort that took a short term view of tourism - Faliraki - and became the centre of the holiday party scene for young British binge drinkers, with disastrous results.

In Gambia, the issue is in striking a balance between the needs of poor local people - who want to be guides and taxi drivers, fruit seller and beach vendors - and the relatively rich tourists they threaten to overwhelm.

In Costa Rica the story is about the natural environment. How can a developing country attract the kind of tourism that will help protect the country's remarkable eco-systems?

And in Thailand, on a small island off Phuket, is a community trying to save its own endangered way of life by operating tourism - on its own terms.
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