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We look at the role science and technology play in Indian society, from the classroom to the board room.

If the growth of the economy is important, so is science and technology, because it drives this growth
Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam on Discovery
Health Check (Mon 5 Feb, 07): comes from India's premier Health institute The All India Institute of Medical Sciences, AIIMS, looking at the state of health care in India and original research that is going on.

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Digital Planet (Tues 6 Feb 07): comes from Calcutta - the "next big thing" in the Indian digital world, home to increasing numbers of software companies but operating within an intriguing employment climate in the Communist run state.

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Discovery (Wed 7-28 Feb 07): Geoff Watts presents a four-part series, which starts during India week, and runs each Wednesday for a month:

Programme 1: Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam talks about science and science education.

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Read story: Science 'can lift India's poor'

Programme 2: Astronomy and physics
Programme 3: Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
Programme 4: Space

One Planet (Thurs 1 and 8 Feb 07): A series of two programmes: the first looks at global warming - both in India and as a consequence of India. The second focuses on genetically modified foods.

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Science in Action (Fri 9 Feb 07): will come from The Indian Science Institute in India's science capital, Bangalore.

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