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India Rising
India Rising
Contrasting lifestyles - shilpa, children, villagers

India Rising


In a land-mark four-part documentary series, George Arney looks at the stereotype of a burgeoning India, and then takes a reality check in the rural north.

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Programme One - New Wealth (Mon 5 Feb 07)
India's economy is experiencing spectacular growth: we take a look at the people and places benefiting from the country's rise as a global economic power. With Preeti Reddy, a leading consumer and retail expert.

Listen to Programme One (30 mins)

Programme Two - Inside India's heart of Darkness (Tues 6 Feb, 07)
The state of Bihar bucks all the trends which show India on the rise, a place where the pace of growth has gone into reverse. With Alka Chaudhary, head of Bihar Developent Initiative.

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Programme Three - TV Nation (Wed 7 Feb, 07)
India is in the throes of a communications revolution. More people have access to a television than a flush toilet in India and internet use is soaring. So what impact is all this exposure to new information and entertainment having on Indian culture and identity?

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Programme Four - Can it all
hang together? (Thurs 8 Feb, 07)

As India embarks on the path of rapid industrialisation, there are bound to be upheavals and tensions. Could these boil over and derail the dream. We'll be in the state of Chattisgarh to find out. With Amitabh Behar, Executive Director, National Centre For Advocacy Studies.

Listen to Programme Four (30 mins)

Programme Five - Debate (Fri 9 Feb, 2007)

George Arney brings together guests from the India Rising season to talk about the country.

Listen to audio (22 mins)

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