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The Fast Food Factory
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Fries are Divine

“The french fry would become almost sacrosanct for me, its preparation a ritual to be followed religiously”, wrote Ray Kroc in his 1977 autobiography, Grinding it Out: The Making of McDonald’s.

Ironically, the company he founded fell foul of other religions.

In June 2002 McDonald's was forced to pay out US$10 million to Hindu and vegetarian groups in the USA because it had misled them about whether its French fries were vegetarian.

Hindus do not eat beef for religious reasons. And the McDonald's fries groups of Hinuds and vegetarians had eaten had been pre-cooked in beef tallow –which had been described as “natural flavoring.”

This is how the company described french fry production on its website in January 2003:

"McDonald's USA French Fry Facts

Meanwhile, here are the details of our French fry production in the U.S. A small amount of beef flavoring is added during potato processing - at the plant. After the potatoes are washed and steam-peeled, they are cut, blanched, dried, par-fried, and frozen. It is during the par-frying process at the plant that the natural flavoring is used. These fries are then shipped to our U.S. restaurants. Our French fries are cooked in vegetable oil at our restaurants."
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