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The Representation of the People Act covers many aspects of election law in Britain.

Only Section 93 applies to broadcasting, and it relates solely to the participation of candidates in constituency reports.

It currently applies in General Elections, by-elections to the Westminster parliament, Local Authority Election and Local by-elections.

It does not apply to elections to the Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales, Northern Ireland Assembly or the European Parliament when voluntary guidelines agreed by all UK broadcasters apply instead.

This is what the RPA says:

-"Pending such an election it shall not be lawful for any item about the constituency or electoral area to be broadcast from a television or other wireless transmitting station in the United Kingdom if any of the persons who are for the time being candidates at the election takes part in the item and the broadcast is not made with his consent; and

- where an item about a constituency or electoral area is so broadcast pending such an election there, then if the broadcast either is made before the latest time for delivery of nomination papers, or is made after that time but without the consent of any candidate remaining validly nominated, any person taking part in the item for the purpose of promoting or procuring his election shall be guilty of an illegal practice, unless the broadcast is so made without his consent."

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