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  The war in Iraq: John Simpson
  The Middle East: Orla Guerin
  Venezuela: Mariusa Reyes
  Covering Elections
  Kenyas elections: Gray Phombeah
  The candidates in Brazil: Edson Porto
  Brazils voters: Paulo Cabral
  The RPA
  The Winter Olympics: Alex Gubbay
  Offensive views
  Using internet links


"During the war in Iraq, opinions were fiercely divided. Both sides were certain they were right. So, as journalists, we had to be very clear about our function. It's to give people the plain, unvarnished facts."
John Simpson, the BBC's World Affairs Editor.

Inside BBC Journalism: Impartiality examines how journalists at the BBC report events around the world in a balanced and unbiased way.

In this section, they discuss some of the challenges of reporting about war and conflict in Iraq and the Middle East in an impartial way, whilst applying the Editorial Guidelines - the BBC's handbook to good journalism.

BBC journalists also look at covering elections in Kenya and Brazil as well as sports during the Winter Olympics.

Due impartiality lies at the heart of the BBC. All our programmes and services aim to be open-minded, fair and show a respect for truth.

Being impartial also means showing our commitment to providing programmes which reflect the full range of our audiences' interests, beliefs and perspectives.

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