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BBC World Service l Inside the Global Giants
  Unilever - Cleaning up in Africa
  Unilever - Power in Ghana
  Gazprom - The world's largest gas company
  Gazprom - Modernising a giant
  Levi's - Dilemmas in denim
  Levi's - Balancing ethics with profit
  Shell - Green or mean
  Shell - Future considerations
  Solectron - The invisible multinational
  Solectron - Re-inventing itself

We hear a lot about the power of big multinationals and the inexorable spread of globalisation, which has made them even more influential.

But how much do we really know about the way big business works? How does a company's culture affect its profile and involvement in the community outside the factory door. How does a company balance its global financial interests with the concerns of the community - and the country in which it's working?

For this special, the BBC has gained access to five of the world's biggest companies to find out how they operate, what guides their decisions and what it takes to be a successful 'Global Giant' today.

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