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How to Record Voices and Sounds
Saving, Storing and Sending

A woman working a radio desk, dropdown list with audio file options

Saving, Storing and Sending


  • Always save a copy of your work to your computer's hard drive. This is in addition to the version that you send to us. It is also good practice to burn yet another backup copy onto CD.

  • Remember to save your files in mono.

  • Save your work as an MP3 file and give it a distinctive and recognisable name.

    Sending the audio to us:

  • When you email us, we can only accept files of up to 10MB in size. If your file is larger, split it into chunks of less than 10MB and send the files as separate emails.

  • Attach your saved audio files to an email and send it to along with details of what it all is!

    If all else fails...

  • Burn your audio onto CD and post it to Outlook, BBC World Service, Bush House, London
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