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How to Record Voices and Sounds
Editing Audio

A woman working a radio desk, headphones, sound waves

Editing Audio


Choose your material:

We want you to send us no more than 15 minutes of material.

You will probably have recorded a lot more material than this and so you will need to decide which are the best bits and collect them together electronically (we call this editing) to send to us.

Making these decisions takes time and skill and it is only after doing a lot of recording and editing that you will get really good at it.

If in doubt, leave it in and send it to us.

Tips for choosing your material:

Develop a good editorial ear by analysing what you listen to on the radio. What makes you sit up and listen?

Imagine that you are listening to your recording for the first time and make sure that it makes sense from beginning to end.

Using your software:

Keep everything on one track of your editor.

Always leave a few seconds of background noise (i.e. before you hear the voices) at the start and end of each chunk you cut.

Don't do any sound mixing as we know what we want it to sound like and will do it for you.

Remember to include the background sounds that go with each part of your piece and make sure that these are clearly labelled.

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