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How to Record Voices and Sounds
Transferring Audio

A woman working a radio desk, a laptop, electrical leads.

Transferring Audio


You will need to transfer your sounds from your recording device to a PC in order to send your recording to us.

You will need to have installed suitable audio editing software beforehand.

Depending on which recording device you have used, you can;

  • Dub your sound across in real time with an audio cable connecting your recording device and the PC (eg from a minidisk, DAT, reel to reel tape recorder, Dictaphone or cassette recorder).
  • Copy the files from the memory of your recording device via USB or Firewire cable.
  • Copy the files from some form of removable memory that can be slotted into the PC like a flash card.

    Some tips for dubbing - Always dub in Mono to save memory space. Make sure your cables are pushed in properly and try not to move them during dubbing.

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