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The Power of Music
Music in medicine

Application of music in medicine


In the second instalment of the series, The Power of Music, Jane Hanson looks at the cutting-edge research and application of music in clinical medicine.

She visits a sports hospital in Luedenscheid, Germany, where tailor-made music programmes reduce pain-relieving drugs dosage by up to 50% for literally thousands of patients.

She also talks to a researcher at the University of North Texas, USA, who developed a system in which specially-treated country music by the likes of Garth Brooks can help reduce pain in patients undergoing spinal fusion operations and in several other conditions.

And hear about her visit to Beth Abraham hospital in New York, where patients use their own state-of-the-art recording studio - which leads the way in the clinical use of music for the motor impaired and degenerative illnesses.

And she travels to Mysore in India to meet doctors and musicians who prescribe music treatments for a whole range of diseases.


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