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60 Second Ideas from The Forum Guests


Gregory Berns thinks everyone should learn to play music.

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Daniel Everett believes everyone should live with strangers for a week.

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Richard Bronk thinks everyone should take heed of the traditional Greek dictum "moderation in all things, nothing in excess".

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Mathematician Manil Suri suggests that children should be encouraged to find answers purely using logic.

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To find out more visit BBC News Online: pure logic

Farzana Shaikh believes we live in a unipolar world with the US and its polices having a direct impact on the lives of many billions, and therfore it's time the international community was given a say in the election of the US president.

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Tom Perrotta advocates a yearly Grievance Day and Apology Day.

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Haleh Afshar believes all beauty products should be banned.

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For more visit BBC News Online: ban all beauty products...

Augustus Casely-Hayford argues we should all own a part of cultural history.

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For more visit BBC News Online: creating a world class gallery.

Martha Schwartz suggests that every inhabitant of the Earth should own a share of its natural resources through a Global Resources Fund.

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For more visit BBC News Online: preserving national resources

Vitali Vitaliev suggests we throw out all modern guide books and gazetteers, and start travelling the world, using exclusively guide books and gazetteers that are at least a hundred years old.

Listen to the 60 Second Idea To Change The World

For more visit BBC News online: Don't throw out that old guide book...

Angie Hobbs thinks all school children should record the memories of a person over the age of 60 to help build a collective memory bank.

Listen to Angie Hobbs

For more visit BBC News Online: Recording memories

Jeffrey Rosenthal believes we should consider other factors than just price when it comes to shopping.

Listen to Jeffrey Rosenthal

Yvonne Brewster suggests eating home-cooked meals together.

Listen to Yvonne Brewster

For more visit BBC News: Let's all sit down to eat.

Ruth Richardson thinks we should celebrate body donors.

Listen to Ruth Richardson

For more visit BBC NEWS: Let's celebrate organ donation.

Lennard Davis suggests we all learn sign language.

Listen to Lennard Davis

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer suggests we should eat more insects

Listen to Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

James Hall says all parked cars should be camouflaged

Listen to James Hall

A C Grayling proposes that arms producing countries make public all proposals to export arms to developing countries

Listen to A C Grayling

Deyan Sudjic wants to stamp out the cult of the architectural icon

Listen to Deyan Sudjic

Timothy Gowers believes debating should be reintroduced into the school curriculum

Listen to Timothy Gowers

Frank Furedi advocates taking joint responsibility for the welfare of children

Listen to Frank Furedi

First broadcast 5 October

Elizabeth Pisani believes we should give ourselves neutral names

Listen to Elizabeth Pisani

First broadcast 28 September

Trevor Cox feels we should not have to communicate with people all of the time

Listen to Trevor Cox

First broadcast 21 September

Madhavi Sunder urges us to visit modern art museums in all countries

Listen to Madhavi Sunder

First broadcast 14 September

Howard Jacobson believes we should suspend all our beliefs

Listen to Howard Jacobson

First broadcast 7 September

Theodore Zeldin suggests we all write our own passports

Listen to Theodore Zeldin

First broadcast 31 August

Rodrigo Vazquez believes we should live like the Incas

Listen to Rodrigo Vazquez

First broadcast 17 August

John Sulston says the purpose of life is to discover

Listen to John Sulston

First broadcast 10 August

David Runciman on why we should stop obsessing about the American presidential election

Listen to David Runciman

First broadcast 3 August

Nii Parkes advocates renewing our links with nature and pouring libations before using natural rescources

Listen to Nii Parkes

First broadcast 27 July

Cecile Laborde wants to apply traditional sabbatarian laws to the internet

Listen to Cecile Laborde

First broadcast 20 July

Eva Hoffman advocates teaching children as young 10 years old philosophy

Listen to Eva Hoffman

First broadcast 13 July

Elleke Boehmer maintains the world would be a better place if all leaders took up gardening

Listen to Elleke Boehmer

First broadcast 6 July

Nick Bostrom believes we should develope cognitive enhancing drugs
to make ourselves smarter

Listen to Nick Bostrom

First broadcast 29 June

Jan Zalasiewicz feels we should abolish international football

Listen to Jan Zalasiewicz

First broadcast 22 June

Ndidi Nwuneli believes every adult should read to a child for two hours each week

Listen to Ndidi Nwuneli

First broadcast 15 June

Haifa Zangana thinks every country should come up with a national poem.

 Listen to Haifa Zangana

First broadcast 8 June

Amos Nur proposes that remaining oil reserves be distributed to the world's population to manage themselves

 Amos Nur's 60 second idea

First broadcast 1 June

AL Kennedy feels there should be more foolishness and laughter in the political process

 Listen to AL Kennedy

First broadcast 25 May

Odaline de la Martinez believes people should dance

Listen to Odaline de la Martinez

First broadcast 18 May

Diane Wei Liang states the case for universal chopstick use

 Listen to Diane Wei Liang

First broadcast 11 May, 2007

Pankaj Mishra believes converting to vegetarianism would solve a lot of the world's problems

Listen to Pankaj Mishra

First broadcast 4 May, 2007

Loretta Napoleoni suggests politicians and journalists take routine lie detector tests

Listen to Loretta Napoleoni

First broadcast 27 April, 2007

Faisal Devji promotes self sacrifice

Listen to Faisal Devji

First broadcast 20 April, 2007

Angela Hobbs believes politicians leading troops into battle would really concentrate the mind

Listen to Angela Hobbs

First broadcast 13 April, 2007

Kishore Mahbubani suggests students spend a semester overseas

Listen to Kishore Mahbubani

First broadcast 6 April, 2007
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