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Generation Next in Africa
What is Generation Next in Africa?
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Generation Next


Between December 3rd and December 9th 2006, the BBC is running a week of special programmes dedicated to understanding and exploring the world through the eyes of the next generation.

BBC Focus on Africa and BBC Network Africa have sent production teams to Ghana and Malawi to find out what is important to young people there.

The agenda will be set by the young people; they choose the subjects for reports, they think of creative ways to reflect their views, they present the reports and they ask the serious questions of adults who have an influence over their lives.

Everybody at the BBC knows that without a serious effort to reflect the views and ideas of young people, to engage and empower them, and to understand what excites them and what makes them angry, sooner or later we'll be broadcasting only to ourselves, because the next generation will have taken their business elsewhere.

We hope our series will empower the young people to express their opinions and concerns across in an adult-dominated world.
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