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Violence Begins At Home


- Bad Behaviour


- It's Their Hormones


- The Brain


- Triggers for Violence

DNA, a monkey and a picture of early man

Science of Aggression


Biologists have long argued over how much of violent behaviour is inbuilt and how much is socially determined.

The Science of Aggression looks into how a violent inclination can be prevented in those who have a history of it.

One area of research is in the role of hormones such as testosterone - are men with higher levels inevitably more violent?

Other researchers are interested in the role played by our genes. There have been studies of violent families in which it's been found that members have an unusual genetic makeup, in that the men of the family have an extra Y chromosome.

Another current hypothesis is that much violence is carried out by people who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and are prone to spontaneous outbreaks of anti-social behaviour.

How can science help us understand violence? And how can it help offset the effects?

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