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Violence Begins At Home


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Women clapping
The Mifumi project in Uganda unites all forms of support - economic, health, legal and counseling
Violence in the family is a multi-faceted problem requiring a variety of solutions.

International conventions that seek to protect the rights of women and children have made a difference in what is acceptable inside the private domain of the home. In addition, regional declarations mean that the common argument that the conventions consist of Western ideas being forced onto other cultures can now be refuted.

Declarations can lead to legislation, but we'll hear in this programme that legislation can only work if correctly enforced, and that depends on attitudes.

Attitudes are often changed from the grass-roots level and here we'll be hearing about two ingenious projects; a local radio station in Nicaragua and a community project in Eastern Uganda, which have done wonders in changing local attitudes and starting to bring change from the bottom up.

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